Fundamentals of RDBMS

Data is the most important component in any work that we do. Data means collection of information or collection of raw facts.

Data base Management system is the management system or maintenance system on database.


It is a suit of software program for creating,maintaining & manipulating the data in database.


It allows the users to insert the data,to retrieve the data,to modify the data and to delete the data.

The first databases of kind existed in the form of files.
A file is nothing but collection of records.
A record is nothing but collection of information or data.

But the file system was not very efficient,it was crippled by slow data search speed. It includes the following Drawbacks.

2.Data Redundancy
3.Data Integrity
4.Concurrency Control
5.Slow in Process

1.Security: No Login name No Password.
2.Data Redundancy: Data reputation or data duplication is very high.
3.Data Integrity: No Data Validation process.
4.Concurrency Control: No control in files system when concurrency exists.
5.Slow in Process: File System follows Sequential-searching process


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