Pre-determined Internal PL/SQL exceptions

1. DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX: Raised when an insert or update attempts to create two rows with duplicate values in columns constrained by a unique index.

2. LOGIN_DENIED: Raised when an invalid username/password was used to log onto Oracle.

3. NO_DATA_FOUND: Raised when a select statement returns zero rows.

4. NOT_LOGGED_ON:Raised when PL/SQL issues an oracle call without being logged onto Oracle.

5. PROGRAM_ERROR: Raised when PL/SQL has an internal problem.

6. TIMEOUT_ON_RESOURCE: Raised when Oracle has been waiting to access a resource beyond the user-defined timeout limit.

7. TOO_MANY_ROWS: Raised when a select statement returns more than one row.

8. VALUE_ERROR: Raised when the data type or data size is invalid.

9. OTHERS: stands for all other exceptions not explicitly named

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