What non-Unix ports are available?


It is possible to compile the libpq C library, psql, and other interfaces and client applications to run on MS Windows platforms. In this case, the client is running on MS Windows, and communicates via TCP/IP to a server running on one of our supported Unix platforms. A file win32.mak is included in the distribution for making a Win32 libpq library and psql. PostgreSQL also communicates with ODBC clients.


The database server can run on Windows NT and Win2k using Cygwin, the Cygnus Unix/NT porting library. See pgsql/doc/FAQ_MSWIN in the distribution or the MS Windows FAQ at http://www.PostgreSQL.org/docs/faqs/text/FAQ_MSWIN.

A native port to MS Win NT/2000/XP is currently being worked on. For more details on the current status of PostgreSQL on Windows see http://techdocs.postgresql.org/guides/Windows.

There is also a Novell Netware 6 port at http://forge.novell.com.

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