Data Types in SQL Server

Data type means the type of data which users provided to specific column in Sql Server 2 types of data types available which includes

A)System Defined Data Types
B)User Defined Data Types

A)System Defined Data Types: Sql Server already some data types called System Defined data types or Predefined Data types or Built-in Data types.System Defined Data Types again categorized into 4 types
1)Numeric Data Types
2)String Data Types
3)Date Time Data Types
4) Miscellaneous Data Types

A)Char :Alphanumeric characters (Char) allowed
B) Varchar:Alphanumeric characters (Char) allowed
c)Number:38 bits
d)Date: 7 bytes

Maximum Length of Char is 2000 charaters.
Maximum Length of Varchar is 4000 charaters.
Maximum Length of RAW is 2000 bytes.
Maximum Length of Long is 4GB.
Maximum Length of Long RAW is 4GB
RAW and Long RAW are used for binary data.
Long for comments.

B)User Defined Data Types:SQL Server enables users to create their own databases.Those are called User Defined Databases.