SQL Server


MS SQL SERVER is a database management sysem developed and marketed by Microsoft.The SQL SERVER database system was originally developed and implemented by Sybase Inc.Microsoft licensed this DBMS in 1988 for OS/2 operating system and begin implementing it for Windows operating system in the early 1990s.At almost the same time,the further development of SQL SERVER for OS/2 was canceled.In April 1994,Microsoft ended their cooperative agreement with SybaseInc.

MY SQL SERVER runs exclusively under Microsoft operating systems windows 2000,2003 Server and XP.

SQL SERVER was,from the beginning,desinged as client/server DBMS. The Client/Server architecture has been developed to manage a large number of different computers,which are connected using a network. The functionality of SQL Server is divided between clients and server.A client provides one or more different requests to Server. The Server processes this request and sends the result back to the client.

Uses of SQL:

A)SQL is used for all RDBMS Language.
B)It is normal English Language.
c) It is easy to understand.

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